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After launching 12 weeks ago in April 2019, Mates in Mind closed its online survey of apprentices in early June and announced the winner of the draw. This survey has sought to gather Apprentices’ views and opinions on mental health and we were delighted to have recorded 550 responds.

Mates in Mind’s Director of Strategy Joscelyne Shaw commented:

“We would like to extend our thanks to all who took the time to complete our survey, as well as our Supporters who promoted it across their workforces and our Partners who circulated it across the wider sector. We have been very pleased to have had more than 500 complete it.”

We have now begun work to assess the results which will help to inform and support our ongoing work to improve mental health awareness and understanding. We will in due course be looking to deliver pilot training to Apprentices on mental health, as part of our work that is supported by B&CE’s Charitable Trust Mowlem Award which we were recipients of in 2018.

“We will also be sharing some of the key findings of our survey and this work in due course.”

Mates in Mind is pleased to announce an Apprentice at Crest Nicholas’ Louis Davey, as the winner of the survey’s prize draw of £250 Amazon voucher.

On receiving his vouchers, Louis said:

“When I saw my HR Manager send through the survey, I thought it was a great opportunity to share my thoughts on mental health within construction. The industry has come a very long way, however certain things have been left behind and I feel mental health is one. Mental health is a huge underlining issue which is spread across the industry affecting loads of people every single day. This is not just as simple as having a bad day - mental health is something which can lead much worse issues, such an alcohol and drug misuse, which not only impacts a single person but can put the entire work force at risk. Fighting mental health is such an important action which everyone needs to do, it is ok not to be ok!”

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Having been awarded the B&CE’s Mowlem Award grant in 2018, Mates in Mind have launched their Apprentices’ Mental Health Survey to support improvements in the mental health of apprentices across the construction and related industries.

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