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Our story 

During our first two years of action, we enabled hundreds of organisations within the construction sector to transform the mental health culture of their workplaces. Through our tailored programme, we have supported organisations of all sizes to start vital conversations about mental health.

Due to our successes within the construction sector, we have gained recognition across a range of industries.

As a result of this, we have expanded our focus to include workers in industries beyond construction, enabling more UK workplaces to drive a positive change. However, whilst we are delighted to be supporting organisations across additional sectors, we remain committed to supporting construction and achieving our initial target of reaching 75% of the industry by 2025 and will continue our mission to transform the construction sector, spreading our message and providing the ongoing support needed for organisations to take action. 

Please note, Mates in Mind is in no way affiliated with Mates in Construction. 



Following our work with our Business Champion, Tideway, there was a profound improvement in workforce feedback around the mental health support available to them, such as: 

  • 84% of people responded positively to how Tideway is addressing mental health
  • 12% rise in the number of staff who felt that they could approach their boss with a mental health problem
  • 87% agreed that their manager cares about their health and wellbeing to any extent
  • 73% rated their own mental health as ‘Good’ or ‘Very good’, and similarly site workers were more likely to rate ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’
RSE Building Services.

RSE Building Services

Following our work with RSE Building Services, the impact of recognising and taking action to improve the mental health of the workforce was clear:

  • A significant decrease in stress-related absence (2 weeks absence)
  • Increased retention rate (proportion of staff leaving after one year)
  • 9% increase in staff feeling that RSE was supportive to some extent in relation to mental health – up from 66% in 2018 to 75% in 2019
Mates in Mind team.

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