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Due to our success in transforming the mental health culture of workplaces across the sector, we have gained recognition in new sectors. As a result of this, we have expanded our framework and branding to include workers in industries who may not necessarily wear hard hats, such as manufacturing, ports, transport etc and office-based workers in the industry.

Construction industry.

Construction industry

When Mates in Mind was launched in 2017, our work was prompted by calls from the construction industry to address the pressing challenge of mental ill-health within the sector. Although mental ill-health is a pervasive challenge across all UK workplaces, its negative impacts within the construction industry had become undeniable.

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Transport and Logistics.

Transport and Logistics

Mates in Mind understand that supporting good mental health across a workplace is an essential part of ensuring the positive overall health and safety of a workforce. With the high-risk nature of mental ill-health beginning to be widely addressed across transport and logistics, it was a natural move for our organisation to start supporting organisations within this sector to step up and take action. 

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Supporting the construction workers, line managers and business owners of the future.


SMEs & Sole Traders

Our study showed that the mental health of self-employed construction workers and those working in small firms show that intense workloads, financial problems, poor work-life balance and Covid-19 pressures on the supply of materials are combining to significantly raise stress and anxiety levels to severe levels.

SMEs & Sole Traders

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