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Supporter exclusive benefits 

As a Mates in Mind Supporter, you will have exclusive access to a range of resources, training and support, designed to help your organisation implement their workplace mental health programme.

However, if you are looking at mental health in the context of wider employee wellbeing, as a Mates in Mind Being Well Together Supporter, you will have all of the benefits of being a Mates in Mind Supporter, plus a range of tools to allow you to develop and deliver a holistic wellbeing strategy and plan.

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Mates in Mind Supporters are also able to access:

  • An annual assessment of their programme and a tailored recommendations report to help identify any gaps in their approach
  • Our free 'Start the Conversation' course, an all-employee general mental health awareness programme
  • A dedicated Support Manager to act as a guide through your organisations mental wellbeing journey and offer any new resources as they become available
  • A suite of courses to ensure that all levels of management are confident and equipped to fulfil their duties in looking after employee mental health.
  • Counselling through the National Counselling Society at a discounted rate, to help staff members who may need a little extra support
  • Early availability and exclusive links to dedicated resources to further support the rollout of relevant Awareness Day campaigns, such as Stress Awareness Week. Supporters will gain access to any resources ahead of campaign launches, in addition to being first to hear about new training, programs and exclusive industry webinars and events.


Mates in Mind Being Well Together Supporters will also receive: 

  • Unlimited access to an Organisation Health & Wellbeing Assessment tool. This will allow you to undertake an initial assessment of your health and wellbeing provision. The tool will provide a report containing detailed recommendations. Benchmarking will also be provided if you continue to use the tool in subsequent years.
  • Access an annual employee wellbeing survey that will provide you with your employees’ perspective of how well you are doing to improve their wellbeing. The benefit of using our surveys is that they have been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the assessment tool, and you will receive an analysis as to how your employees feel you are performing compared to how you believe you are. You will also receive an analysis of your employee’s wellbeing against published benchmark data.
  • Practical guidance on developing a wellbeing strategy, with all the steps explained in a practical way and help provided by your dedicated Support Manager.
  • Access to a comprehensive range of Wellbeing and H&S resources including employer and employee guides across nearly 40 wellbeing topics.
  • 24/7 access to two helplines – one covering the health & safety aspects of wellbeing, and the other, all HR aspects
  • Access to a guide to building a sustainable Wellbeing programme plus digital learning and webinar support included.
  • Resource Hub access for all employees with a wide library of employer and employee guides, digital learning, podcasts, videos, webinar recordings, articles, case studies and access to over 30 HR wellbeing guidance documents and model HR policies.
XMO Strata supporter.

What our Supporters say

"Mates in Mind has generated some extremely articulate advocacy, presenting sensible, grounded attitudes to these issues in a way that overcomes the reserve and suspicion that has prevented effective strategies being deployed in the past. The individuals involved in Mates in Mind, and the people supporting it, are high calibre folks who’ve brought a no-nonsense and assertive voice to the issue, speaking to ordinary people in a way that they can understand and relate to, cutting through the stigmatised approach of previous years. Mates in Mind has provided insightful leadership and inspirational advocacy on this important issue and at Xmo Strata, we’re committed and enthusiastic supporters of its work.

Steve Martin, XMO Strata


What our Supporters say

"Through the support we have received from Mates in Mind, and the commitment to mental health we’ve been able to demonstrate to our team, partnering with this charity is one of the best things we’ve done for Catsurveys as a whole. By using the resources provided by Mates in Mind we have been able to raise awareness on mental health issues and the stigmas associated with them through the entirety of our team. Our management team have benefitted from the organisation tools provided, and it is clear from the feedback we’ve received from our staff that employee satisfaction and wellbeing has increased. Communication concerning mental health has improved and we’ve seen a reduction in absence due to stress-related illnesses and mental health conditions."

Jodi Turpin, Catsurveys

Working in partnership with the industry

Our partners are a crucial part of our charity model, supporting our mission to deliver effective change across UK workplaces.


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