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How your donation makes a difference

Right now, there are any number of workers struggling with personal mental health challenges who need a supportive working environment for them to work effectively, or seek help without judgement.

With your support we can work with employers of all sizes to address this positively within their workplace and help create supportive, open environments and reduce the number of people that end their own lives each year.

If you're a business looking to support us, you can pledge to raise funds however you choose and someone from our team will be in touch with you. 

Through supporting Mates in Mind, you are helping us change the lives of those working in the construction industry, transport and logistics and beyond. 

Ways you can donate

Payroll Giving – give as you earn

By giving from your salary each payday, you will be helping us support workplaces to provide vital resources and services for those experiencing mental health issues. Regular donations are valuable because they help us plan ahead and in keeping our administrative costs as low as possible, we can provide assurance that your money is being directed to help those most in need.

Giving through your payroll is very tax effective because all donations are deducted before you pay tax. For example, if you donate £10, only £8 comes out of your salary and the taxman pays the rest.

To get your organisation started with Payroll Giving, ask your HR/payroll department about more details on how to get started. 


Making a donation

By making a donation to Mates in Mind, you are helping us continue to develop accessible new programmes for those that aren’t able to fund it themselves.

We know that support is needed more than ever especially reaching down supply chains, independent contractors and your local networks to find and support the most vulnerable employees during these difficult times.

Find out how your organisation can make a corporate donation to Mates in Mind by contacting our team.

Make a donation
Corporate partnerships.

Corporate Partnerships

Partnering with Mates in Mind will bring lasting benefits to your company. 

Choose or nominate Mates in Mind as your Charity of the Year and our dedicated team will work with you to design a partnership that makes a lasting impact, gains publicity and inspires your staff.

We recognise that one of our biggest challenges will be in reaching small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) but by working collaboratively through supply chains and trade bodies, we are confident that we will be able to achieve our aims and successes will be shared by all. You can help by spreading the word about Mates in Mind across your networks.

Whether it’s a one-off donation or sponsoring an entire project, a gift from your company can save lives. Our vital work wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our corporate partners.

Contact us to find out more about becoming a corporate partner

Making a donation in someone’s memory

Donating or fundraising in someone's memory is a very special and meaningful way to remember them – honouring their life and helping others at the same time.

There are different ways that their memory could be kept alive and subsequently help others:

Leave a gift in your Will

You can help our work to continue to transform workplaces of all sizes and raise the importance of mental health and wellbeing by leaving a gift in your Will.

Generous gifts left to us in Wills enable us to continue our work supporting those who might be struggling with their mental health at work, while also changing the conversation and breaking the stigma which surrounds mental ill-health. 

How can you leave a gift in your Will?

Every gift makes a difference to those who need us and we want you to be assured that you are leaving the right gift for your personal circumstances. There are three main ways to leave a gift, with residuary gifts tending to be the most useful to us.

Residuary gift

  • This is where you set aside a portion of all your remaining estate after funeral expenses, debts and other gifts in the Will have been paid. Many people choose to leave this kind of gift because it helps make sure their loved ones are taken care of first and what’s left can be shared with Mates in Mind for us to carry on our charitable work.

Cash gift

  • A cash gift, known as a pecuniary gift is a fixed sum of money, for example £2000. These gifts are paid out of your estate first, and then what is left is divided up as per your instructions in you will.

A specific gift

  • This is a gift of a specific, named item. For example, it could be property, a piece of jewellery, a work of art or a car.

We would love to know if you are considering leaving a gift to Mates in Mind, so we can thank you and recognise your kind gesture, but there is no requirement for you to do so.

We always recommend you have your will written by a solicitor or professional will-writing service, to prevent any future legal issues and ensure that your wishes are carried out correctly. 

Volunteer with Mates in Mind.

Continue reading - Volunteering

Our volunteers are at the heart of our charity but whilst we are limited to what we can offer currently as volunteering opportunities, we are always keen to hear how we can work together. 

Volunteer with Mates in Mind

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