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Fundraiser stories

“I felt really proud to run The London Marathon in my Mates in Mind running vest. I think the work you do is invaluable and is something I feel a real personal connection to.

When I started work as a young female site engineer I was very unusual and it made working life tough at times. To fit in I felt I had to behave like the men around me and not show any emotions even when things were difficult.

Anything we can do to make the industry more understanding and aware of mental health has got to be a good thing.”

Lynn Summerfield, British Land

Raising money

Whether organising your own fundraising activity (no matter how active, wet or muddy you choose to be!) or taking part in an event, you’ll be helping us to raise funds and awareness for Mates in Mind. We will be happy to reflect this on our social media and provide a small pack of merchandise to increase coverage of your charitable goodwill.

If you are going down the fundraising route, you can create a JustGiving or Virgin Money page which connects to us directly

There are countless ways you can choose to fundraise for us but some of the ways our previous fundraisers have chosen to support the charity are:

  • Sign up to run or walk a half marathon, row across an ocean, cycle with friends, take on a sky dive or hike up a mountain or two
  • Hold a charity football match
  • Get crafty in the kitchen and hold a bake sale
  • Host a fundraising event for Mates in Mind
  • Inspire friends and family to give donations in place of celebration events such as birthdays and weddings


If you need any fundraising support, you can contact the team at [email protected] who will be happy to assist your event. 


Let us know if you have any questions about fundraising.

How to get started

Find out more on how to fundraise in our Fundraiser Guide, packed with A-Z activities, ways to donate and top tips on promoting yourself.

Donate to mates in mind.

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Your donations and support, enables our charity to continue helping organisations across the UK to improve and prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of their workforces, providing them the skills, clarity and confidence to invest in the health of their people.

Ways to donate

Donate with JustGiving.Pay with Mastercard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Apple Pay or Direct Debit.

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