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As an organisation, are you considering the following questions? 

- Are you measuring the impact of your current mental health and wellbeing programme?

- Does your current support programme fully meets the needs of your workforce?

- Are the senior leadership continuing to support a culture of positive mental health?

If you’re considering these and other similar questions, Mates in Mind can help you.

If you’re looking for advice on how to get the right foundations in place, we can help you take action by:

- Providing measures to refresh your commitment to the mental health of your wider workforce

- Ensuring consistency in application across your wider people-related policies and procedures

- Benchmarking your management of mental health against established standards

- Ensuring appropriate education and awareness programmes across your workforce promoting environments for good mental health

- Strengthening your data management and reporting.

Mates in Mind is here to support you take a strategic and joined-up approach to addressing mental health in your workplace.

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