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Please note the below contains mentions of suicide. 


Men in the UK are three times more likely to die by suicide than women. However in construction – a male dominated industry– men are three times more likely to die by suicide than the national average for men. 

Construction work has a variety of pressures from tight contracts to long hours, time away from loved-ones and managing budgets, not to mention the added stresses of the pandemic and now the rising costs of supplies. Additionally, within construction lies a "macho" culture which prevents many workers from seeking support and help when they may need it, putting further stress on their own mental health and wellbeing. 

It is important for employers and individuals to know just how important mental health awareness and support is to workers and the statistics below highlight how needed the change is within the industry. 


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Our Survey Results

In  2022, we published our  findings from our major study of the mental health of self-employed construction workers and those working in small firms. Our results showed that intense workloads, financial problems, poor work-life balance and COVID-19 pressures on the supply of materials are combining to significantly raise stress and anxiety levels. This mainly male workforce has long been known to contain workers who are reluctant to talk about their mental health. Findings from over 300 respondents suggest that almost a third are now living with elevated levels of anxiety each day. Construction workers from a range of trades that are often to hard to reach, from bricklayers, to groundworkers to plasterers, told researchers from Mates in Mind and the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) that the continuing stigma of mental illness prevents them from discussing it beyond close friends or family members.

Additionally, a report by the Chartered Institute of Building found that 26% of construction industry professionals thought about taking their own lives in 2019 and 56% of construction professionals work for organisations with no policies on mental health in the workplace.

Furthermore, stress, anxiety, and depression account for one-fifth of work-related illnesses, resulting in 70 million days off sick per year at an estimated annual cost of £70bn-£100bn according to the National Building Specification. 


CN Mind Matters survey, which received 1,200 respondents from within the industry, found that 59 per cent did not tell their employer that the reason they needed time off was for mental health. The majority (59 per cent) of workers taking part in the survey say they did not receive the appropriate level of support from their managers when they were facing mental health issues.


However, 53 per cent of CN’s survey respondents said they felt comfortable talking about their mental health with colleagues, compared with 33 per cent in 2019.


What can be done?

Education and training is key to eliminating the stigma. Mates in Mind has empowered hundreds of organisations across the UK to tackle the silence surrounding mental ill-heath and embed a positive culture change within these workplaces. Working alongside our partnerssector leaders and growing community of Supporters, we are able to deliver effective change across UK by providing the skills, clarity and confidence to employers on how to raise awareness, improve understanding and address the stigma of mental ill-health.

Be part of the change.

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  • Free access to our 'Start the Conversation' course, an all-employee general mental health awareness programme
  • Access to a dedicated Support Manager to act as a guide through your organisations mental wellbeing journey and offer any new resources as they become available
  • Counselling through the National Counselling Society at a discounted rate, to help staff members who may need a little extra support
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